The new study says that breastfeeding is the best remedy over obesity risk in babies. researchers said breastfeeding is even better than feeding the breast milk in the bottle.

According to the Canadian study, direct breastfeeding is a beneficial way to maintain the weight and reduce the BMI score.

The CHILD study has examined more than 2500 newborns, who were breastfed for 12 months were those with the lowest score of BMI. They started having other meal around the age of 5 to 6 months.

Researchers explored that if breastfeeding has been stopped before 6 months, it will lead to gain weight faster. Also, increase the body mass index and increased the risk of being overweight by three times.

Other information has demonstrated that on the off chance that you have a lifted (BMI) at an early stage throughout everyday life, it sets you up for adolescence and after that throughout everyday life.

The process at the back of breastfeeding that makes it better than pumping is not yet clear. Maybe something happens to breast milk elements when it is refrigerated, solidified or defrosted. Maybe the demonstration of suckling enables children to all the more likely control the sum they’re devouring.


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