Japanese Network Corporation is developing high-end 3D maps. The maps would intensify the perfection of self-driving technology. March 2019 is the probable time on which Japan is said to introduce its 3D maps to get into the practical use.

All the national highways and expressways vehicles would be able to utilize these map.

The 3D maps will be offered to automakers and other industries. The accomplishment of this 3D map is a major target of government which has to be realized, and the map will play an integral role in the practical use of self-driving cars by 2020.

To justify the self-driving technology three main functions has to be adopted, which are a cognitive function, operational function, and cognitive function.

Self-driving vehicles would stay away from smashing into the roadways and also it could maintain the proper speed while running on the highways.

The blend of 3D map data and the information grounded on worldwide positioning network will help to achieve a safer journey.

In comparison, 3D maps differ from car navigation systems, as it only provides information for driving directions.


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