Burberry, a British luxury fashion house will now stop burning unsold clothes, bags, and other products.

The fashion company had destroyed unsold product of £28.6m worth last year to keep safe the brand. Over the last five years, Burberry had demolished products worth of £105m.

Burberry recently says that it will reuse, recondition, and donate all unsold products. Also said it will stop using real fur after environmental campaigners criticise them. It will discontinue the existing products from the list.

Burberry is the first leading fashion brand who chose to end the operation of destroying unsold products. CEO, Marco Gobbetti, appealed to others in the industry to follow the same.

Shareholders had asked the company to offer the unsold products to the company’s private investors. Humane Society International’s Wendy Higgins said it initially met Burberry nearly 10 years prior to encourage the organization to drop fur.

Many firms of fashion industry follow the common method of destroying unsold goods to secure them from being stolen, also they don’t want to sell the product in the cheap range.

Burberry repeated that it will take the environmental responsibility solemnly. Already get connected with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to stop waste in the industry.