The Latest on Wildfire Burning: Fire-fighter died battling against Blaze near Yosemite

A fire-fighter got killed battling the highest recorded fire in the history of California; the sixth victim in just a matter of one week. The officials of the State fire board didn’t instantly provide any details regarding the death that took place in the North of San Francisco, the place where fire has been burning since 27th of July. The latest news about wildfire burning across the California near the Yosemite National Park killed a second fire-fighter who was fighting this greatest blaze, according to authorities. Two other Northern California wildfires have claimed five more fire-fighters and more six lives.

A spokesman; Mike Theune for the so-called Ferguson blaze, tells that fire-fighter was treated for damages at the scene on Sunday, but breathed his last before he could be taken to the hospital. Theune states that this fire-fighter was a part of the team removing fuel and brush near the front lines of the fire, although he lacks any further details. Fire-fighters from across the country have spread their hands to help the giant battle of Californian blaze of devastating and deadly wildfires in these current weeks, spreading due to drought-parched forest areas and rural abbeys. Six fire-fighters lost their lives in this battle against fire. The deadliest Carr Fire took lives of eight people along with three fire-fighters.

Authorities state that a fire-fighter lost his life while battling the mammoth record fire in the history of California. The officials of State fire say that he died on Monday at the Mendocino Complex site fire, located north of San Francisco. Lately six fire-fighters died in respect to a wave of giant wildfires, which attacked Northern California in the previous weeks. Carr Fire considered to deadliest of all took 8 lives including 3 fire-fighters. 1 fire-fighters lost lives battling the fire near Yosemite. On Monday Authorities reported that various new huge fires are swallowing Montana after a current heat wave brought along mercury high temperatures. The National Park Service tells the Avalanche Creek Campground and the McDonald Lodge were evacuated on Sunday night.