In the 2016 Election, President Donald Trump protected Russia over Interference therefore big criticism in U. S. In such way that Trump should help to Russia is proved. So that Trump is in dilemma over Meddling Comments.

The Summit is arranged in Finland with Russian president is their presented; Mr Trump is so intelligence person who contradicted U.S. organization that saying Russia also told no reason to interferences.

Also House Speaker Paul Ryan said that “Russia is not our part”. The meeting was held two hours of closed-door in Helsinki on Monday between Trump and Putin.  Mr Putin has denied to claim of meddle.

After Summit, when in election it came to allegation of interference, he was asked if he believed in his own U. S. organization or Russian organization.  President Mr Putin says that it is not Russia and he does not see any reason. Mr Trump said that poor relation between Russia and U.S.

In 2016 U.S. organization told that the scale of U.S Election against Hillary Clinton that Russia was behind an effort with fake news was planned on social sides.