China’s Navy is getting in progress and become bigger and powerful. Its speed is an unprecedented to any country in the world. Therefor the China is more progressively work and you can say as a New Destroyer to other Country.

The Army of the People’s Liberation Army launched two 055 destroyers of 13,000 tons: the largest, most sophisticated and lethal combat ships in Asia, early this month. They invent a new innovation in ‘Ship’. The ship has a design is sophisticated, more featured, Radar System with large invention in missile, which is more powerful as compare to the American, Japanese and South Korean destroyers.

The unmatched military unparalleled shipbuilding capacity has shown and its desire to project naval power away from Chinese shores, said Heath and other military analysts.

They will have to launch 112 tubes that say by China to each new destroyer also they can fire missile which is long-range missiles that equivalent to the US Navy’s. in Syria, Tomahawk Missile is used as Washington’s strikes in this year.

The missile launchers have to protect from target incoming planes, enemy ships and missiles so they can carry weapons.  Each type of 055 is an antisubmarine warrior operation of two helicopters.

To integrate aeronautical groups in China, the new disasters also boast quiet design and the high-end electronic battles management system, China Daily said. The ship is designed to help Chinese carriers support extremists like the Middle East.

Overall the ship size is big and Type 055’s sheer size, the one of the most important feature is that to send the message in water to the Chinese mainland too. The ship just looks like Prestige, Majesty and powerful.