First NASA Astronauts is launch to the international Space from the United States that to be delayed due to safety point and responsibility holes in the commercial crew program, As per federal report said on Wednesday.  The two Space Administration’s commercial crew program such as SpaceX and Boeing Co that to send U. S astronauts to Space as early as 2019, using Dragon and starliner Spacecraft respectively.

SpaceX and NASA have received $ 2.6 billion and $ 4.2 billion respectively in 2014. This contract has been build new transportation system under the commercial crew program, for ISS mission NASA’S main goal to use the private sector.

The GAO said it is monitoring the possible safety risks in crew capsules of private companies, including a Boeing Starliner shutdown system designed to eject the capsule from a dangerous rocket explosion and an updated fuel valve in the SpaceX Falcon rocket. That triggered an expensive Launchpad explosion in 2016.

NASA mission has been unfortunately destroyed that would have been organic molecules on mars over in 40 year ago, as per new report of Scientist. But the report from the Government Accountability Office indicates that the problems could cause delays in the launch of the first manned mission in the United States of a private company and could result in a nine-month interval in which astronauts do not inhabit the ISS. “Boeing and SpaceX continue to make progress in their crew transport systems, but both contractors have delayed the milestone even further until the 2019 certification,” the report says.

The commercial partners were working with us to resolve the problem and developing the plans related to contingency in view of future delay. They must be introduce their crew system before any launch the astronauts are very safe for human Spaceflight, as per knowledge of NASA.