In china house insulation is blamed because of increasing in emission of gas, so that Earth’s protecting ozone layer is very damaging and become a layer is reducing in width. The use of CFC-11(Trichlorofluoromethane) in china is very large, that found by Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA). So that they were banned the use of chemical completely in 2010.They was totally confused by the mysterious increase in use of emission of gas. Rumors abounded on the source. Some experts feared that the chemical could be used to secretly enrich uranium for use in nuclear weapons. The reality founds to be more about isolation than proliferation.

CFC-11 is very efficient to blowing for poly-urethane foam with helps it to enlarge into thermal insulation which is used in home to avoid energy bills and carbon emission is lesser. The EIA team has been contacted to foam manufacturing factories ten various provinces beyond China. From the detailed information and deliberation with different 18 companies and their investigators suggested that the use of chemical is major with producing polyurethane firms. The investigators have been seen barrels of chemical in China which contain CFC-11 in large amount.

One seller of CFC-11 estimated that 70% of China’s domestic sales used the illegal gas. The reason is quite simple – CFC-11 is better quality and much cheaper than the alternatives. China’s domestic used Illegal gas is 70% with CFC-11 mostly utilized by the seller. So that CFC-11 is great quality and as cheaper as possible of user. The production of CFC-11 is 99% in China that told by EIA Team.