Recently the world of technical gadgets have been excited with LG launching their all new range of monitors at CES 18. But then Samsung is not be left far behind either and this technological giant has decided to give its clients a line of monitors which consist of the world’s first ever Thunderbolt 3 along with their super cool QLED curved screens.

This new range of monitors will be known as CJ791 and has a resolution of 3440 x 1440 along with the response time of four milliseconds. The all new CJ791 will has sport a wide aspect ratio of 21:9 and the specs that Samsung is providing with this monitor is simply no match for LG’s new monitors which are 5K and ultra wide of 34 inch dimensions. However Samsung seems to be really superior to LG’s range of new monitors because it has a better display of 1500R curvature and an amazing viewing angle of 178 degree and QLED tech aspects. The screen is so designed that it reflects colours with better intensity, displaying blacks darker than before and whiter shades more contrasting due to the  125 percentage sRGB spectrum.

Samsung has designed this keeping in mind that it target a really large audience who can take advantage of the large screen space, especially since it allows major multitasking options which can be real useful for gamers and business workers.

Also laptop users who will want to connect the device to the monitor will be able to do so quite easily and there will also be no need for an additional power source to connect the laptop to the monitor. Samsung has also promised good speed and enhanced performance with these monitors as it boasts of a processing speed of 40 gigabytes per second and in case of charging the laptop it has up to 85 watts of power.

Samsung has not yet disclosed much details regarding the display price but the introduction of the Thunderbolt 3 is enough to turn heads and more information will definitely surface.


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