Dell’s latest XPS already headed out for 2018 with a grand new makeover. May the company listened to the cries of the reviewers belonging to the professional hardware about the two year old look of the XPS 13, though few companies have already made the same for over quite a few years now. It was about time for getting the laptop a whole new look and set into the trends of thinner, faster, and sleek design of today’s  market structure.

Although, it’s not an easy task in changing the flagship, tradition whilst shifting towards the future at the same time honouring the tradition. Taking a look at the XPS 13 it seems that no part of it has kept untouched in this redesigning session. The price of XPS 13 is assumed to begin somewhere around $999 and will be available instantly. The details are jotted down here.

Features and Slimmed Look: – Already made a small mark. Dell has managed to compact down the entire volume of the Laptop by almost 24%. Dell cut down 3.4mm from the thick body as compared to the earlier version. The InfinityEdge Bezel of the next generation is almost 23% thinner.

Performance and Elegance: – The result that Dell is proclaiming is it is the 13-inch most powerful laptop in its own class. Dell’s self test against competing with laptops reveals that the brand new XPS 13 thrashing the dust over quite recognizable competitors like; the Microsoft Surface Book 2, Hp Spectre X360 13t, and the Mac Boo Pro and Mac Book Air.

Coming to elegance it didn’t only splurge in the inside look, besides the standard carbon-fibre and aluminium model, as today’s buyers put more emphasis on the outer look. The new Whit Rose-Gold Model is simply gripping to all buyers and it took them quite hours to identify this new colour, Dell said.

Controversy: – Well any grand change takes place with an uninvited controversy and this is no exception. It comes with both good and bad news regarding the ports, charging. XPS 13 of Dell has arguably led the way of other thin and light Windows in the past. Since, the company made this grand investment time will say as who follows it.


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