LG is shoving the displays of its TV to ever-greater resolutions, sizes, and also most probably prices for the forthcoming CES 2018. Engadget pens down that the company will be displaying a new 88-inch television with OLED 8K display, promising to make the highest and biggest resolution OLED in today’s market. You can even non OLED television displays in much greater sizes. It’s an upgrade over the existing 77-inch panel of LG with 4K resolution, and though there’s no cost for this new display, the price of the 77-inch screen is $20,000, although it’s also only 4K, and the quality of the QLED is debatable.

With time OLED 4K screens are getting more reasonably priced, and the content of 4K is getting more familiar. But it’s still hardly the usual for TVs, so one really doesn’t need to think of switching to the 8K resolution straight away. Even though, CES is a scope in viewing companies extends the limits of how bigger, crispier, and beautiful a screen can look and so this is an early glance of what the viewers will be seeing the coming week.

Just as the HDR and 4K are heading to mainstream, the ambitious peeps at LG Display have also been thoroughly consumed in shoving its technology of OLED to 8K. Come at CES, and this Korean manufacturer will let the attendees get up closer with its new 8k 88-inch OLED display that’s both the highest and largest resolution OLED panel till date. But for now that’s all specifications are out there.

With its vital rival Samsung Display having prolonged moved its focus from OLED TVS to the QLED TVs, LG Display is currently the solo-giant size OLED display maker in the globe. Having said that, with other active competitors from various other countries such as Japan, LG Display has made great investments in ensuring that it continues in having the upper hand in ramping up the production capacity of OLED, as well as making bigger thrive into the panels of mobile OLED, among the market that’s dominated by its main rival Samsung.


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