Today Apple announced that it is making its minimized $29 battery replacements, which is immediately available for iPhone-6 phones and newer versions. Earlier Apple said that in late January it would be offering the cheaper battery replacements, but it has taken off the time span from its letters to its customers, and has promised in the statement about instant availability, to the TechCrunch.

For any out-of-warranty iPhone battery replacements, Apple normally charges $79, but this time it reduced this price by almost $50 following a series of controversy over the process of its dynamically handling the top performance of some earlier iPhone models, having degraded batteries for preventing unexpected power offs.

Back in February when iPhone released its iOS 10.2.1, it just virtually stated about it improvements for minimizing occurrences of the uninvited shutdowns. It was only stuck in explaining that the changes it made result shutdowns that are temporary on fewer older models of iPhones having degraded batteries, lately after a controversy ignited again.

The problem caught the spotlight in the early days of December after one Reddit user claimed that the performance of the iPhone remarkably increased after replacing the battery in it. Soon after this, analysis of the benchmarks of iPhone-6s cited an apparent connection between degraded health of battery and lower performance.

Apple made a response by noting about the process of power management is a “feature” delivered to iPhone 6Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6, iPhone 7Plus, iPhone 7, and iPhone SE, but just because it didn’t totally communicate this shift, some owners of iPhone may not have realized all those things they wanted was just a new battery.

Apple also stated that will be releasing an update on the iOS in the early 2018 adding new features that will give users more visibility in to the health of the battery of the iPhone, so that they may be able to see it themselves about the connections, whether it affecting the performance.

Apple said that he cheaper replacements of the iPhone battery will be available worldwide through December 2018. Prices will be varying as per exchange rates in various countries.


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