Lately a devastating incident happened in Alaska Airlines, a family will be suing it Airlines and also a contractor, after a 75-year old lady, who was sitting on a wheel chair, died following a fall down from escalator, in the International Airport of Portland.

The family of the elderly woman paid for a service to look after the woman and ensure that the woman would safely reach her connecting flight, but an inspection video shows that the woman was navigating the airport alone and then gradually falling down an escalator. The woman also had her right leg cleaved below the knee as an outcome and died just after the day of surgery.

As a result of this incident the family is suing the Alaskan Airlines, and also a contractor after this 75-year old woman named Bernice Kekona died following a fall from escalator, as per CBN news.

The family of Kekona also paid for a service man for ensuring that Kekona reach her destined flight with safety, after landing in Portland. But the Kekona’s family alleges the contractor, Huntleigh, which was hired by Alaska Airlines for performing the service but failed to perform its duties. Kekona also went through a surgery just before her death incident took place.

A video if surveillance shows that after exiting from her initial flight, she navigated the airport alone before Kekona fell down from the escalator headfirst and suffered multiple injuries. Although it’s not citing any specific huge monetary damages, the lawsuit states that the medical bill of Kekona was almost around $300,000.

In a statement to the Business Insider, the Alaska Airlines said that they don’t have all of the facts, but after undergoing the preliminary investigation, it seemed that Ms. Kekona declined the ongoing assistance within the terminal, and proceeded ahead on her own towards her connecting flight.

The Airline also said that Kekona proceeded on her own after being helped out into her wheelchair.

Huntleigh after being asked didn’t instantly give any comments regarding the fact.


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