World has progressed a lot and so did technology, so forget about phone calls now. A new has been introduced lately from The Guardian Project, Edward Snowden and the Free of the Press Foundation aims in turning Android smartphones into small demure security systems. In public Beta today, Haven got released, designed to use a built-in sensors of a phone for tracking abrupt changes in the surroundings around it. For instance, you’re out from your working room for some reason leaving your Tab there, so while you’re away from it the app can direct devices that are compatible for recording unexpected sounds, watch out for changes within the ambient light, and also notice if it’s been picked up or tinkered with. You can even prep your phone up and make use of the camera as a motion tracker, just for some good measure.

Keeping in view the need for some journalists for protecting their hard earned information, it’s of no surprise that this “Haven” pp may be seen as a means for keeping away shady interlopers from your laptops and PCs, which contain sensitive data. Micah lee of the Intercept has helped in developing this app, and explained on how this app could be used for dealing with so-called attacks that are evil-maid, where an attacker physically attempts to meddle with a machine/device for making it to be compromised.

He writes on how the Haven works; one when lock their laptop in a hotel, isn’t a secure move for itself, and then placing Haven phone on top it. If someone tries to open the safe while the owner of the laptop is away, the light detector of the phone might notice the lightning change, its microphone could hear the safe open, accelerator meter of it might even detect motions, and its camera may even capture a snapshot of the intruder’s face.

The founder of The Guardian Projects demonstrates Haven as the most secure, and powerful, and private baby monitor mechanical system ever. Haven may not completely object from the attack but it can be configured in sending notification alarm and recordings via texts when something exceptional is being sensed.


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