Google’s conclusion in blocking YouTube was a real kick in the teeth for Amazon as it was all set to launch its Echo Show device. YouTube videos are ultimately the perfect content for the device and to its smaller counterpart, the Echo Spot. Screen sizes that are small means that the products aren’t good enough for enjoying watching contents for a long time, say approx 10-15 minutes or something like that.

The TV Answer Man site spotted a riveting Amazon filing earlier this week with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, which could mark the next steps ahead for the company. Though the application for trademark could just turn out for no such thing for sure, but yes it’s a captivating look through into where the head might be of Amazon in the nub of this cold war of streaming service.

The application features two names; “OpenTube” and “AmazonTube”, and also the descriptions that fence pretty closely to bread and butter of YouTube. Reportedly, the application is pretty huge and covers a lot of ground, but there certain things that commonly step out to the casual observer, For example; there’s a bit where it spotlights the service, which provides pre-recorded non-downloadable visual, audio, and audio-visual works through wireless networks on several topics on general interests.

The company is surely on its way for planning to compete with YouTube. The company has been there for one thing, done that with the Video Direct of Amazon, an active service till date, which permit the publishers to upload videos those viewable to prime subscribers.

Amazon is not immediately responding to comments anything on this, till it is out officially, but it has been printed out that Amazon has already registered to the domains of,, and, because no matter what after all its’ Amazon.

However, this a good scope in giving a hint that the company is working many of the options. Well for the consumers one of the unpleasant things could be if any such things come to a pass then surely both Amazon and Google should carry the blame.


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