The internet is stuffed with a variety of fake news websites. Recently too many tech firms are facing one of the major issues is fake news. Too many websites come with news from false sources, and whilst Facebook is doing its best from spreading fake news on its own website, here Google is taking another step ahead to stop this trash from further spreading any mal news that misleads people.

The tech behemoth Google started blocking websites from being showcased in the search bar on Google News when they veil their country origin.

According to the newly updated guidelines by the company, the content, which will be displayed on the website of Google News, must abide by the following:

-Sites that are included in the Google News must not be misstated, mistreated, or have concealed information about their primary purpose or ownership, or indulge in any coordinated activities for misleading users. This follows but doesn’t limit to the sites those conceal or misrepresent their country origin or are aimed at users in some other countries under any fake premises.

The change may seem a bit little but surely it will be having a wide effect. By not inclusion of any websites that mask their country origin, Google is actively cutting down on fake news and also minimizing chances from spreading them further.

The new battle of Google on dishonest websites will hugely help in structuring the spread of original fake news. It is worth mentioning that Google doesn’t select news contents that come under the sections like; Job postings, Advice Columns, How-to-articles, Real Estate listings and contents that are strictly informational such as Weather Reports and Stock Data.

This year, back in April, Google introduced its first tool for fighting against fake news on its Search result. The agency lets the users complain against any contents that were mistreating, misleading, or had an inclusion of any hateful remarks within its auto-complete function. The search giant also included that it will be highlighting more authoritative pages. Though the change is not going to happen overnight but this new step along with other new features is surely a step in the right path.