On Thursday, Dollar stands defensive and has been pitched over after the Federal Reserve maximized the interest rates as usual, but for the upcoming years has left its rate outlook unchanged.

After China marginally increased its interest rates, there was limited reaction amid major currencies, in this wake of move by the fed.  The dollar index that trails the greenback against a box of six major currencies, relieved 0.1% to the .DXY’s 93.372 after it had a drop of 0.7% on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, the Fed upends the major short-term rates by a quarter points within a range of 1.25%-1.50%. In both the year of 2018 and 2019, Fed reckoned more three hikes, without any change from the last round of September’s forecasts.

Analysts and traders stated that the Dollar dropped under pressure after the policy announcement by Fed as the Central Bank of U.S. kept its projections for interest rates steady instead of revising them to be higher.

Some participants within the market had conjectured that Fed could be raising the interest rate projection for the next year to hikes of four-rate, as said by Stephen Innes, who is the head of trading of Onada’s Asia Pacific, in Singapore.

After the Fed’ meeting when Dollar had a fall, referring to it Innes told that anybody from the perspective of the market was inclining that way generally ran for the exit.

On Thursday, Central Bank of China raised its interest rates hours after the rate hike by Fed, to reverse its repo and the loans of medium-term lending facility (MLF) through 5 basis points.

Next on Thursday, investors will be shifting their focus on the decisions of monetary policy, by the Bank of England and European Central Bank. The BoE is highly expected to keep the interest rates at a hold of 0.5%, on Thursday, after lifting rates for the first time since the last month of 2007.

The SEB is seen prone in keeping interest rates reaffirm and steady to its existing stance of monetary policy, after making a decision in October to halve the owning for bonds to about 30 billion Euros/ month from January.