Twitter, today on its official blog post, announced its most recent feature called “Threads”. TweetStorms which is a multiple tweets’ long thread, and have been long apart from the DNA of Twitter, granting users in telling extended stories or to go on spouting. Now, Twitter has made it much easier with this “Threads” feature for extending and sharing Tweets.

So far, there weren’t many options for stringing several tweets together. So users had to use what came with it naturally and dozens of tweets were linked together by replying to themselves over a repeated number of times. This perhaps sometimes made things long, and even hard to follow.

However, with the latest update of upto 240 character limit, the experience didn’t exactly expire down. Hence, the only logical thing that Twitter did is making TweetStorms easier for people to follow up.

For those, who now wish to tweetstorm, it’s so easy now like tapping that little plus sign button on the left. This will begin a new tweet with all fresh 240 to work with and by pairing it automatically with the earlier tweet.

This also makes it easy in reading threads from other users too. With all new option of “Show Thread” on posts which contain them, now you’ll be able to read from top to bottom without have to dig in to the replies.

Over the coming few weeks an update will turn out to all of the users for making sure that their app is up to date. Tweeter is free to download from your Play Store.

Once it is published Tweet users can integrate more tweets to their already posted thread whenever they want with the new option button “Add another Tweet”. Twitter says that once the feature is launched, the first will display as normal in the tweet timeline with upto two more added tweets in the threads. The followers will then have to tap the “shoe thread” option to view more tweets in that particular thread. Thread is the only latest feature in becoming a part of this app.