American Express will finish with the need of signature for purchases primarily next year, as announced by the credit-card issuer. It joins the Discover and MasterCard that eliminated these requirements for signature earlier back this year. AmEx told that this change will be into action from next April and will be applied to purchase around the world.

Executive Vice-President of Global Network Business; Jaromir Divilek said that the fraud capabilities have made much advancement and thus signatures are no longer mandatory. He said this in a press relases. Besides, AmEX already doesn’t demand signatures for any purchase made under $100 in Canada and $50 in the U.S.

Last week Discover announced that it was abolishing signatures, and then the MasterCard made the changes in October. All the three companies quoted about the advancement in security technology is the main cause to get rid of the signature requirement, once a broadly spread method ensures that a card purchase was genuine.

It was since 2015, the US credit cards have been in need to have chips that create unique code for every transaction made, and thus making much less susceptible to artifice. But those types of cards are less assured than the identical European chip cards, which require a pin, as marked out by the critics. Fraudsters those who use technology like the “card skimmers” are still capable of stealing data from a chip card.

Visa that eliminated signature for any transaction under $25. It is the only one of the major credit-card companies that still requires a signature for any purchases made this amount.

Mike Cook, an assistant Vice-President of Walmart said in a quote as provided by the American Express; that the need to sign on a receipt can be botheration for customers, and is not mandatory for preventing fraud during the time of sale. He also told that one of the nation’s largest retailers is pleased by this move, which will advance more seamless checkout and shopping experience for the customers. Further modern credit cards use technology that offers additional fraud prevention. Moreover customers are used to with online buying and shopping from their smartphones that requires no signature.