The Walmart Stores Inc. is changing its legal name effective from 1st Feb as it moves away from physical stores in the lifetime increasing dominance of Amazon.

The largest retailer of the world, located in Bentonville, Arkansas, stated on Wednesday that will be converting its legal name to Walmart Inc. from Wal-Mart Stores Inc.

It says that the shift accentuates the emphasis on serving the shoppers in various ways beyond just a physical store but also as online stores, on their smart handsets through delivery and pick-up. The company has been building in roads for shortening the gap between itself and the retail giant Amazon by big huge investments in its online business. Just a year ago, it tripled the number of sold items, overhauled the free-shipping strategy and is stretching such services while allowing shoppers picking up online grocery orders paving at the stores. This has helped in triggering strong e-commerce sales that it gained in the past several quarters, and lately about 50% growth in its third quarter of fiscal.

Walmart controls over 11.600 stores and clubs under 60 variant banners across the world.

The Walmart President and CEO, Doug McMillon wrote; whether it’s on their sites, or on their stores, by using their apps, using the voice or whatever is there to come next, there’s one Walmart as far as their customers are concerned, which he said on a blog post on Wednesday.

The formal legal name of discounter when it was subsumed in 1969, on 31st October, was Wal-Mart Inc. Later on Jan 9, 1970, it was converted to Wal-Mart Stores Inc, just on the year it made its public debut. It will keep on pursuing to trade on the Stock Exchanges of New York as “WMT”. It’s been applying the current Walmart logo under its operation since June 2008.

But for those employee who still wiling for the “squiggly” in the cheer of Walmart where they shift their hips when they happen to go to the hyphen, there’s no such thing to be fear.

On Wednesday, McMillan also wrote on the blog that there should be some while working.