Samsung up for something grand on the storage space this time, and you may have hard time running out storage space on your device. Lately Samsung announced that it has started with a huge 512 GB implanted memory chip of Universal Flash Storage for mobile devices, which means that next time your Galaxy phone could be having a brilliant unlimited storage.

He high storage phones for now come with 256GB and 128GB of memory capacity, but the new 512GB chip of Samsung is double or even quadruple of that. Samsung states that the chip includes eight 64-layers of 512GB V-NAND chips, but the interesting fact is that although it doubles the density and storage of Samsung’s 256GB chip, it still consumes the same amount of physical space.

Yes, surely Samsung phones and other Android phone have the options for the expandable external storage space via microSD chip, but the internal storage space has its own many advantages.  The 512GB of Samsung is capable of writing and reading new data at 255MB/second and 860MB/second respectively that Samsung claims to be eight times quicker than your average external microSD chip. Added to this expandable storage has always been internal add-on storage is directly built within your phone.

Samsung states that the chip is intended for using in the next-generations phones that makes us wonder which phone will be getting it. The question is whether the next phones of Samsung, the Galaxy S9 or the Galaxy Note 9 will have the 512GB storage chip? Or will it be seen in other manufacturer’s phone, such as some of the iPhones that used memory chip of Samsung.

Expanding the sizes of internal storage space is a good thing. This is particularly the case because app these days are getting bigger in size, the operating systems eats up larger space, and video and photo quality are increases for the default cameras. Samsung states that the 512GB chip can approximately hold 130 10-minute 4K HD Ultra videos, which is great news for all those phones that come with a recording capability of 4K video.  Samsung also claimed with more production on the phones having 256GB storage, too.