pizzhutOn Tuesday the Pizza hut Pipeline said that it will begin testing wine and beer been delivered to some of the specific cities. The director of brand marketing, Stacy Lynn Bourgeois said in an interview with the CNNMoney that they are excited in offering the comfort of wine and beer been delivered to the home of a customer.

The service will be making its first entry in Phoenix, Arizona having six packs of Anheuser-Busch (BUD) brands, along with Bud Light, Budweiser, and Shock Top and Kilt Lifter that is made by craft brewer Four Peaks, which is Arizona-based.

All the options will be costing a flat rate of $10.99.

The roll out of Wine delivery will begin in January in Phoenix, but details are yet to come up. The company is yet to decide on which wines shall be delivered, or whether it would be offering single service or full bottles, as said by Bourgeois.

This move is the latest attempt y pizza Hut to swell up sales. This year Brand Yum-Parent Yum! (YUM) has been up on shares with 32%. But Pizza Hut didn’t perform as well as its siblings KFC and Taco Bell by pruning into a turnaround effort.

However, she declined to comment as where the pilot program will be stretching to after Phoenix.

It was October when Pizza Hut unfolded a new delivery system where it claimed that it would be keeping the Pies hotter. It was after Summer time the chain made announcement of plans that would be applicable by the end of year, for hiring 14,000 new drivers.

Now this Wine and Beer delivery could also provide an extremity. Competitors like the Dominos’ Pizza and Papa John’s only offer deliveries of soft drinks and water bottles, as per their websites.

Still, this new system will be requiring some logistical coordination.

Stores will need to have license for distributing hard drinks beverages, but Bourgeois said that the locations of pizza Hut already posses one. All the drivers delivering on their routes with wine and beer will be minimum 21 years of age, as per the company.