One again Facebook proves why it is so gripping amid social media networks. Today Facebook made an announcement that it has come up with a new version of Messenger chatting app that’s specially designed for young children from six to 12 years of age, called the ‘’Messenger Kids”, and this doesn’t require any Facebook account to work. As under the federal law, users under the age of 13 legally cannot sign-in and open a Facebook account or use it. Instead parent’s can have the access to manage the “Messenger Kids” app of their children, from their self Facebook account page, controlling which family members or friends they are able to communicate. Facebook is launching this Messenger app for kids today in preview with a limited turnout on iOS.

Facebook also confirms that it’s taking great measures to make sure that the app doesn’t come off in any way exploitative. There will be no ads in “Messenger Kids” and a child’s information will not be taken to use in ads. The app is free to download and there isn’t any kind in-app purchase, according to a blog post written by the company itself. Facebook also clears that the Messenger Kids app is equipped to compliant with the Online Privacy and Protection Act-“OPPA” of children’s. This is the federal law that protects the underage children from the exploitation of the online world, and that’s why it is the reason why so many online services requires the approval of children to be of age 13 or above for signing-up any online content. Though this new app for now is only available in the US, Facebook says, but has upcoming plans to extend it in the field of iOS and Google Play Store within next few months.

It seems Facebook is on its way in creating conduit to attract more users and become a regular member of Facebook products, by starting as early as even a 6 year old kid. Over the years this social media network has adopted strategies to prevent its users from going to its rival’s platform. And now it is happy to provide one among kids no matter how disagreeable it looks.