Earlier in 2013 June, Google unleashed plans about its new headquarters that’s pending to be located in the city of London. The construction work of the new headquarters which is believed to start at the development of King’s Cross Central is assumed to outstrip the Shard skyscraper as the giant property in the United Kingdom.

According to a report by the Business Insider, The shard measures 1.016 tall that is said to be overshadowed by the London Headquarters of Google, which may not be as tall but measures about 1.100 feet when upturned on its side. As per the report, the architects of the building, Heatherwick Studios and Bjarke Ingels Group cites as a “landscraper”, outstanding to its horizontal stretch rather than stretching vertically like most of the skyscrapers.

Amy Webb a futurist, who has authored a book as why today’s edging is tomorrow’s mainstream. Though stating that Google landscraper could be the one of its first king in the world, and also “landscraper” might become more familiar in the coming two decades in U.S. To the publication Webb states that Landscrapers will bring an entire new footprint to the city that is yet to be seen in the U.S. and might make life more realistic and easier.

The construction of Google’s landscraper will be starting off in 2018 and is expected to be 11 storied tall, whilst traversing an area of 1 million square feet. Once it is done the entire building is assumed to house almost 700 employees.

Webb while speaking why landscarper could become more popular in the coming years, also says that climatic diversion driven situations are becoming more aggressive and frequent these days. Thu sin future it will be of great risk to build high-rises that can sway several feet in the tremendous wind.

Thus with an intention to begin 2018 Google already officially submitted the plans of “landscraper” around 92,000 square meter. Floor plan of the building displays a “wellness centre”, containing various things such as; gym, swimming pool, multi-use indoor sports pitch, fields, and plateau garden, etc.