A federal regulator gave the ok go further to the CME group on Friday, to start trading off the Bitcoin futures, later tie in this month. This is the first time digital currency will be traded to the exchange of Wall Street and be subjected to the federal oversight.

The CME group that own the Chicago Mercantile Exchange will be starting to trade Bitcoin futures on Dec18, as said by the company. The “Commodities Futures Trading Commission”, the CME; primary regulator for the exchanges gave permission for the creating Bitcoin futures after a discussion that went for six ling weeks.

The process that the CME group is using is called the “self-certification”. It is something when an exchange assures that the new instruments will not be breaking any federal law securities.
The Bitcoin futures price will be based on the currency of price digital that’s going for major four Bitcoin exchanges-GDAX, Bitstamp, Kraken, and itBit. Bitcoin futures will be subjected higher levels of margin, due to its volatility and also intraday price limit, as said by CME.

This shift will subject some of the market of Bitcoin for the first time, to federal regulation. This will also be opening up Bitcoin trading to wider number of traders and investors, those who seems resistant to purchasing the virtual currency on a private exchange.

Lately Bitcoin has gained more mainstream attention as its price has swelled on the private exchanges. On Friday it was trading at an approximate $10,500 after having rough worth of $1,000 in the starting of the year.

Bitcoin sweeps into Manhattan. CME, the CBOE futures introduce Bitcoin to banks that were built to beat. Regulators have been struggling to sort out just what Bitcoin is. This improvement shows how financial players are shifting in cooperating with the volatile crypto currency and induce more mainstream investors within the market.

In an interview the president of CBOE said that the launching of the futures will ultimately be making the market much healthier. It will develop price equilibrium in the market. Clients those have been holding Bitcoin have no way to fence their risk. But most importantly it does bring a wave of regulatory.