Well year coming to an end and at this year’s Auto Show event, we get to see a lot of companies are out with sizzling cars of the season. This Aria Group believes that it’s time for the world to get introduced with another all-American hypercar, and the outcome of this is the 1,150 horse power the Aria FXE. It’s a hybrid car with tremendously high power that may be it doesn’t know to use itself; the fantastic coupe was unfolded this week at the Auto Show in L.A.

Aria may not be a tribal name, even among the auto addicts, but it isn’t any shack start-up. In the sphere of aerospace and automotive industries the company is generally found working on the prototypes, and has worked with renowned companies like Honda, Ford, Northrop Grumman, Tesla, and more. But now it wants to shift to its own brand and make its own car.

In fact, it thinks of making two cars. But the Aria FXE is the most vigorous, which combines a dual electric motors on the front side axle, with a 6.2 litre supercharged V8. The car has a manual shift mode, linked with dual clutch having automatic transmission, and that makes the outcome where a car do can perform apparently 0-60 mph in 2.7 seconds.

The highest speed of this is approximately around 220 mph, 540 HP from the electric motors, with further courtesy of 720 HP from the V8. Torque is brain-storming 1.316 lb-ft. The body is made of carbon fibre and the chassis is a carbon fibre monocoque. Aria is using a lot of 3D printed metals like aluminium and titanium and it’s something it specializes too. The battery is not that larger over EV standards, with a 10kWh li-ion pack, but is adequate when combined with the gas engine for quite a speed.

By 2020 Aria could hit the market when Tesla also says about its launching of cars. The deliveries of FXE and FX are expected to start in the latter half of 2019. Final price is yet to be revealed.