The American Officials are scrabbling over a computer glitch that left thousands of flights without pilots during the week of Christmas. Cpt. Dennis Tajer, who is a spokesman for the Allied Pilot Association, which represents 15,000 American pilots-, said that this out of routine and right now this is a crisis and in that crisis “@AmeriacanAir” has gone solo.

In Tajer’s statement the word “solo” refers to the efforts of Americans in encouraging pilots to change their routine and be back to work at a greater level of pay. As per the Union Officials they say that this particular decision was made without consulting them. The officials at American, in a statement aspired to reassure passengers on flight with reservations that might get affected.

They said that they are working assiduously in addressing the issue and expect in avoiding cancellations this season of holidays. They have reserve pilots that will help covering to fly in December, and that they are also paying pilots who will be picking up particular open trips of 150% of their hourly rate, which depends on the maximum amount that they are allowed to pay per contract to the pilots. They will also be working with APA in taking care of their pilots and get their customers to reach where they require to go over this holiday.

As per a company memo that’s obtained by the Washington Post, the majority amount of flights are scheduled at the biggest hub of the airline; Dallas-Fort Worth. But this scheduling glitch also had an effect on the birds at Reagan National, Miami International, Logan International, LaGuardia, Salt Lake City International, Charlotte Douglas International, and the Philadelphia International airports.

Officials of the American Airlines declined in commenting to state hoe many flights could actively be affected by this, but to the Bloomberg News, Tajer said that over 15,000 flights that are been scheduled between December 17 through 31st of December, might be affected. However, via separate document that’s obtained by the Washington Post, revealed that flights scheduled as early as 9th December are even understaffed.