Facebook has come up with fascinating and useful features on its page and now it has revealed something great that is not only useful but will help save so many lives. Facebook has been a great platform for sharing thoughts on the content that’s familiar as posts. People post on their account’s timeline what they feel, do, and much more.

Facebook now rolls out software for saving lives on Social Media. The new “proactive detection” artificial intelligence software technology of Facebook will be scanning all posts that holds pattern of suicidal conceptions, and if seen necessary may also send mental health resources to the account’s user when at risk or their friends, or even call local first-responders. The AI helps to flag vexatious posts to human moderators rather than waiting for reports of user, Facebook can work decreasing how long it consumes for sending help.

Earlier Facebook tested the usage of AI for detecting troublesome posts and more precisely surface suicide reporting options to the pals in the U.S. But now Facebook is and will be wiping all kinds of content across the world using this AI, except in the region of European Union, where protection privacy of General Data Regulation laws on the profiling users constructed on sensitive information complicate the utility of this tech.

Through the blend of human moderators, crowd-sourced reports, and AI Facebook could try in preventing tragedies foe instance when a father killed himself live on Facebook last month. Live broadcasts in certain ways have the potentiality in wrongly glorifying suicide, thus the mandatory new precautions, and also in affecting large number of audience so that the content reaches out to more people and take actions accordingly after seeing it. It’s not like the Facebook’s recorded video that can be brought down before even sees it.

Thus, if someone is seen posting suicidal content on Facebook, Facebook’s AI will both proactively identify it and the flag it prevention-trained human moderators and also make it readable to more viewers.

With almost billion users Facebook is taking a great step up for helping and save lives by taking such responsible initiative.