A lengthy chapter in the history of Media came to an unlikely end on this Sunday night with a deal for sale for Time Inc., which is the publisher of once-eminent magazine titles that includes Time, People and Sports illustrated.

Owner of the Better Homes and Gardens, Family Circle, and All recopies; the Meredith, agreed in purchasing Time Inc. transactions made at a value of nearly $3 billion by all cash. The agreement was made happen, by an infusion of an amount of $650 million from an arm of private equity of David H Koch and Charles G., who are billionaire brothers known for using their political and wealth connections in advancing conservative causes.

The agreement could represent in bringing the end of one of the country’s most appreciated magazine publishers, whose titles directed the attention of chronicled world events and global leaders, also sometimes with salient pictures. It also binds back two companies together that have courted different audiences for a long term, urging readerships that echoed the place that they believe to be an abode.

As per Meredith, a tough company having loyal print readership, the accession of Time Inc., represents a long-evasive victory. President and chief operating officer of Meredith, Tom Harty, stated in a company’s statement that this deal is a trans-formative transaction for the Meredith Corporation.

Integrating the portfolio of Time Inc will be giving Meredith even stronger national scale, which will be helping it in the continuation for appealing to advertisers on both the digital sides and the print. But the company will also have to get accustomed in printing weekly title that it doesn’t do currently. By this deal Meredith said that it expected Time Inc. would be resulting in $500 million from $400 million cost savings in first of its two years.

The chief executive of Time Inc Mr. Battista added that presenting them with aligning with the companies has helped in creating ever better scale and financial flexibility.

Under this term of the deal Meredith will be paying a share of $18.50 for Time Inc. On Sunday evening the board of both these companies finalized the agreement.