Several reports claiming that there will be a slight modification and update on the Samsung Galaxy S9 compare to its predecessor devices. The Galaxy S9 handset will keep its design just like the Galaxy S8, and it will focusing more on creative features on software in making the S9 stand out, as per one source.  While another Report states that Galaxy S9+ will be the enhanced version of the two forthcoming Samsung flagships, in which Samsung is ready to copy an iPhone-7 playbook page of Apple. Though, the fact Samsung won’t be able to copy iPhone quick enough, and also some features like the #D face recognition may not be seen.

Now there’s something new floating on the air as per a report that says Samsung Galaxy S9 will now be stealing one iPhone-X feature, and that’s surely good news. Now Samsung is one of the primary beneficiaries of the sales of iPhone-X, after Apple. In all the iPhone screens the company makes the OLED screen and it has already termed as the best OLED screen in town. Right now it is considered as the best component and the most expensive iPhone-X.

It can be guessed that Samsung Galaxy will be out with an enhanced OLED screen for its Galaxy S9 models, than the previous ones. Just few weeks before the iPhone-X phone was out in the market, the Samsung Note-8 OLED as rated better than the Samsung Galaxy S8. However Samsung isn’t done yet with proving that it’s the best OLED screen maker in the market.

While the screen-to-body ratio of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is 84%, meanwhile the IPhone-X is at 81.49%.

In spite of the top-notch Apple makes advertisement for the iPhone-X as all-screen phone. The handset has a bezel screen, and one great thing that Apple made on its iPhone-X is the flexible OLED screen for extending it to the edges of the phone. While talking about display sizes Galaxy S9+ and Galaxy S9 are into rumors of featuring 6.2 inch and 5.8 inches screen respectively. As for now it’s still not clear whether Galaxy S9 will be slight small in size than the S8.