Australia is abode to the world’s largest Lithium-Ion Battery now, and Thank Elon Musk for that. The 129-megawatt battery is yet to show up but if it proves to be functional then it could supply about 30,000 homes with electricity in Australia, according to the Wall Street Journal. Over the next few days it is believed to be tested that put it on track in meeting the promise of Musk for installing it within 100 days for free to the state.

It was in March when this 46 year old-billionaire took it to Twitter for announcing his plan in getting the plant work within such a short time span.

Elon Musk twitted on a reply to a fellow billionaire, the co-CEO of Atlassian and also the co-founder, Mike Cannon Brookes; that Tesla will be getting the system installed and working 100 days from the contract signature or it is free. This 100 day work dead-line by Musk started from September 29 just when the deal was signed. During the time of his signature, the company was already half way ahead in finishing the battery installation work, as per Reuters.

On Thursday, the Tesla CEO dragged it twitter and said; that the battery packs are totally installed now and it so happened due to his team’s joint effort.  He also greeted writing a congratulations note to the team and the authorities of the South Australia, who worked so hard getting it manufactured and installed just in a record time.

When and if operable, the system will help to enhance the ongoing shortages of South Australia.

Considering, how quick the project is proceeding; the state may soon experience a free energy supply. But yes if Elon Musk and meet fail to meet the 100 day work-deadline then it cannot be said how much the state will have to pay. As per Reuter’s the battery pack are a part of the plan worth $390 million in creating more definitive electricity after the state faced a series of black-outs lately. The Australian project marks just an example of Musk’s recent efforts on energy-supplying.