After having planned three days long back-outs CBS channels are now made available again for the Dish owners as two of the companies had an agreement on the financial dispute.

The Dish and CBS have been squabbling for month; CBS wanted Dish in paying higher fees for restraining its contents, and the carrier rejected to it, making an argument that the CBS was charging to “tax” its owners amid declining to the viewership. Thus on 21st November CBS rooted out 28 of its channel that’s serviced by Dish from 18 major markets. But today those channels resumed and the two companies have signed a deal of a multi-year carriage, whose terms are yet been revealed.

The Dish EVP of marketing, media sales, and programming, Warren Schlichting mentioned in a press release that are grateful to their customers for holding such patience this holiday week as work for months have resulted in an agreement that delivers CBS for years ahead.

For the Dish customers the restoration of the channels is surely good news, though for some football fans they may have to wait as it may come a day later, on Thursday-Thanksgiving day on the U.S. CBS hosted make able college and NFL football games. Although, Dish audiences in the blackout regions, weren’t able to access the channels as usual. To these customers Dish offered over-the-air free-digital antennas, which will provide access to the regional TV broadcast, including CBS. CBS, which is the most watched broadcasting network, is a desirable asset and for Dish a most stick to point was the moderately rated cable networks such as; Pop, Smithsonian, and CBS sports network, which CBS corp. had contended in building with Big Net 4. But it was during the standoff Dish complained about the fees that was charged for the cable networks, but CBS maintained to what it paid.

President of Televisions Network Distribution, and CBS corp., Ray Hopkins said that they are pleased to have reached a deal with the Dish, who has recognized the value that it’s the number one networks those who bring viewers within these markets.