Uber Technologies Inc. had made a payment of $100,000 to the hackers in keeping a massive breach secret last year, which exposed almost all the personal information of about 57 million accounts of the provider of ride-services, as said by the company on Tuesday.

The invention of the cover-up of the U.S. Company about the incident resulted in firing off two of the employees who are responsible for their response back on the hacking, as said by Dara Khosrowshahi, who replaced Travis Kalanick as CEO, the co-founder back in August.

In a blog post of Uber Khosrowshahi said that none of the incidents should have happened and that he will not make any excuses for it. In October 2016 the breach occurred and Khosrowshahi said that he came into his consent recently only.

Besides the allegations of sexual harassment, this hacking news is another controversy on Uber, a lawsuit proclaiming secrets of trade theft and multiple federal probes on criminal that peaked in the ouster of Kalanick in June.

The snitched data included information of the mobile phone numbers, names, and email addresses of the Uber users across the world, and also had the names and license numbers of 600,000 drivers of U.S., Khosrowshahi mentioned.

The Uber passengers need not worry though as no evidence of fraud was found, whilst drivers whose license numbers were stolen, they would be offered protection on identity theft that’s free and credit monitoring, as said by Uber.

On Tuesday, Uber claimed that it was obliged in reporting the theft of the license information of drivers but failed in doing so.

Through a spokesman, Kalanick declined to comment on it. Though the former CEO still remains as one of the boards of directors of Uber and Khosrowshahi said that stays in touch with him for consulting on a regular basis.

On Tuesday, Khosrowshahi said that he had hired Matt Olsen, the ex-general counsel of the National Security Agency of U.S., for restructuring the security teams and processes of the company. The company has hired a cybersecurity firm owned by the FireEye- Mandiant, for the breach investigation.