Tripadvisor, the website that makes travel recommendations is under the investigation from the FTC to ensure that it’s not misleading any of its users. The FTC started off with the investigation after the website removed accounts of assault and rape reportedly. Since then the TripAdvisor has introduced a measure in allowing a committee of employees to flag the resorts that are marked as not safe.

TripAdvisor attracted the outrage of the observers and users after it removed all the claims on assault and rape that was made in the review by the users on the site list of the resorts. To prevent any further controversy by introducing any flag to the resorts those are considered unsafe. But that wasn’t much enough to escape the attention from the “Federal Trade Commission” that is investigating the company reportedly, as per the report by Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. The investigation was disclosed in a letter to the Wisconsin Sen. Tammy Baldwin from FTC.

As per the Journal-Sentinel, wrote by the chairwoman of the FTC-Maureen Ohlhausen, it reports that the Commission holds a strong interest to protect the confidentiality of the online customers in the marketplace that also includes the online robust market for travel and hotels.

Also states that when customers are incapable of posting honest reviews, it can make an attempt to harm the other consumers whose capabilities of purchasing decisions that are well-informed are hindered and to harm a business that works hard in gaining positive reviews.

The investigative report by the Journal-Sentinel that was published in November, disclosed a rage of users those are being reported into rape case assault at the resorts across the world, only making TripAdvisor mark their reviews as unsuitable or hearsay for the site and insisted in removing them. It is from then the site thought of forming a committee of employees those will be having the ability to flag resorts where users will make safety concerns. Though for now, TripAdvisor didn’t respond to request for comment made by the Business Insider.