A deal just took place between Volvo and transport service company Uber that could set a juncture for new reality. On Monday Uber one of the largest deals for autonomous vehicles was blown away by Uber, ordering 24,000 motor-vehicles from Volvo- a shift that’s hoped to change the aspect of reality in the sphere of autonomous cars on the streets of America.

The deal on Monday between Uber and Volvo could entirely set a whole new stage; thousands of self-driving vehicles transporting paying customers to their desired destinations running with no human operator, the start of a multi-billion dollar robotic revolution, which could startlingly reconfigure how people travel from one place to the other.

Passenger could already book a ride on these driverless vehicles in a few numbers in the cities of U.S.-most notably Pittsburgh, though not without any human driver inside it.

However, Uber is into improvement process o its technology on self-driving, the company officials also said that they expect for the first robotically driven vehicles to be seen on the streets as early possible in 2019.

Head of Uber’s autonomous alliance; Jeff Miller said that they are proceeding aggressively, and the company has not yet decided as to which city to start with. As soon the technology gets ready, there will be manufacturing machines ready to go, and that they can make the button of “push car” and they will be having a transparent path in having tens and thousands of self-driving cars on the road.

Though this experimental process will depend on the policymakers of the municipal cooperation, those have dealt with the ride-hailing companies like that of Uber for over years. Several cities as well as Boston in California are into discussion of the driverless taxis.

The deal will be allowing Uber in buying XC90 of Volvo sport-utility automobiles with autonomous technology starting from 2019-2021, putting the automaker in an unfamiliar path. Its motive is to sell cars to a company like Uber whose target is to decrease the number of car owners dramatically. A renowned analyst said this agreement between Uber and Volvo is just start of a seismic shift within the industry.