Facebook has never ceased to amaze its users and it has also been consistent in bringing new feature in keeping its owners enjoyably consumed to it. This time is no exception and this time it launched something for well spending of time and delivers the stars of social media a powerful tool for stimulating communities across their content.

Today Facebook launches the Facebook Creator to offer influencers Live Innovative Kit for adding outros and intros to broadcasts that’s a unifies inbox for Instagram and Facebook comments along with Messenger Chats, expansive analytics, and cross-posting it to Twitter.

Facebook gave words about bringing the Creator App at VidCon back in June and today it unfolds internationally on iOS followed by the plan to bring it on Android the next month. This is basically the update and rebrand of the Facebook Mention App 2014, which was available only to verified pages and public figures that’s now made open for all. Strangely, for now it still appears as “Mentions” in the

To access the enhanced tools for fan engagement any individual page or profile can install the Creator. Facebook is also coming up with a Facebook meant for Creators website with best of practices to grow fan bases.

The VP of Facebook’s video Fidji Simo tells that Creators are just at the crossroads of anything and that it’s quite unique bout Facebook. It’s a huge propriety for them in bringing people more close together across relevant content and the individuals those are meaningful to them.

The Creator app may help in making Facebook less monotonous than watching TV.

Now what’s inside the Creator App? Simo explains that the idea already existed in giving them a one-stop-shop for the entire functionality in managing their on-the-go presence. The app has been broke down into four parts.

The four parts of the app are; the analytics, unified inbox, stories and camera, and the Live Creative kit.

Simo also adds few things here that are when it comes to monetization it’s not at all a one size fit. There are few short comes yet it’s a great space for Facebook for broader opportunities.