During Black Friday, a number of various brands and stores give offers on their products. However this time, Sony Interactive Entertainment America has taken it a step further and will be giving offers and deals on it’s devices for an entire week. This week, from this coming Sunday, the 19th of November to the 27th November, or as some know it Cyber Monday. During this week, which is sure to attract many potential customers, you will be able to buy a PS4, of 1TB in jet black color at $199.99. Even the cost of the Sony PS VR system seems to have been slashed by a lot as it will now be available for $299.99.
There are also exciting offers on various PS VR bundles, for example, the Gran Turismo Sport bundle, which is a fairly recent launch from Sony will be available for $299.99 while at $349.99 you will be able to buy the Skyrim VR bundle.
If anyone wants to buy Sony’s DualShock 4 controllers, they will get an incredible deal at just $39.99 and this is applicable for the whole range of controllers that Sony has, even the translucent colored DS 4s that have just been released.
Regarding offers on PlayStation, Sony has agreed to provide discounts up to 40% on its “hottest blockbuster titles” and this will be available for all PlayStation Plus members who will find the PlayStation Store accessible for the sale on Black Friday, come Friday, the 17th of November. However for those who are not PlayStation Plus members, these deals will only be available from 21st of November to 8:00 a.m. PT 28th of November on the online Sony store.
On these deals that are sure to boost sale as the holiday season begins, Sony Interactive Entertainment America has commented, “there has never been a better time to jump into the driver’s seat in GT Sport for a heightened VR experience, or transport yourself into the virtual open game world of The Elder Scroll filled with dragon fighting experience.” This makes clear as to what customer audience Sony seems to be targeting and they are sure doing a good job of it!