Business tycoon and ex-Microsoft CEO billionaire Bill Gates is all set to bring his new vision into the reality of making a new smart city for tomorrow. And for this the investment group of Bill Gates has purchased a giant plot on the land of Arizona desert for building a city of tomorrow, as per reports on November 12.

The investment firm of Gates the “LLC” paid $80 million for a brand new development of future high tech smart city in the Far West Valley. To the west of downtown Phoenix it is about 45 minutes off 1-10 near Tonopah. The entire area is almost underdeveloped at present with only few residents, though the Belmont Partners development partners said that they have huge plans in turning the massive desert into a “smart city”.

As per KPNX, in a press release the Belmont Partners said; it will be creating a community of future with an infrastructure and communication spine that rests on the cutting edge technology of future, equipped around high-speed digital networks, new distribution models and manufacturing technologies, data centres, autonomous vehicles, and also autonomous logistics hubs. The properties also said; in comparison with squared miles and projected population to Tempe, Ariz. Belmont will be transforming a raw clear slate into a purpose-built edge city and built across a flexible infrastructure model.

The Belmont Partners stated that, in integration to 80,000 residential units, the new city of tomorrow will gain 3,800 for office, and commercial and retail space and also 470 acres for building public schools.

As per the Business Real Estate of Weekly Arizona; the Belmont development is supposed to rely greatly on the future construction of Interstate 11 that is planned to go straight to Belmont, connecting both to Las Vegas and Phoenix, along with several other states of the proposed routes.

By next year the first phase of highway construction is assumed to be complete. Grady Gammage, the real estate attorney told to the Arizona Republic; that this is a long-term investment and it has drew attraction of  a West Coast technology and investor of real estate.