Samsung had already talked about their incredibly ambitious designs regarding a new Galaxy S9 which can be folded, but if that sounded ambitious, their other plans for a super successful 2018 is definitely going to send shock waves.

SamMobile, in a particular report has said that Samsung is trying to bring its extremely radical Infinity Display features to it’s range of Galaxy A models, an already popular series in the market. This piece of information, what seems to be quite reliable, was leaked by SamMobile after they found specs on the HTML5 test website for the Samsung 2018 Galaxy A5 Smartphone which has the model number SM-A530F.

The specs that were found on the HTML5 test website had a list of details regarding the features that are possibly being include in the design of a new Galaxy smart phone. Among these the one most mentionable is the 18.5:9 aspect display ratio. This kind of display that is longer as well as narrower than before was initially introduced by Samsung on Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus and it coincides perfectly with the Infinity Display feature. Samsung has never really launched a new Galaxy smart phone with the very conventional and usual bezels as seen on other smartphones and this display aspect switch was then seen on the Galaxy Note 8 which also had the Infinity Display feature.

Though the HTML5 test website does not have all the specs and details yet, it does say that the new Samsung Galaxy A Series will contain the older Android 7.1.1 version. Now, the Android 8.0 Oreo has already been in use for three months, so for this new model to have an even older version of Android, in spite of some cool, cutting edge designs will probably cause some disappointment among potential customers.

However, since all details are not yet available on the HTML5 test website, it can be hoped that maybe Samsung will include the version Android 8.0 Oreo in a later test build of the smart phone but even that will require certain changes in the design of the existing test model along with having to switch from the 18.9:5 display aspect ratio. Such changes does not seem very likely or convenient at the moment.