On the sixth of November, OnePlus announced the launch of their OnePlus 5T Smartphone, at a press conference in Brooklyn. The date for the big release has been set for the sixteenth of November. Though OnePlus fans and potential users will get the first look of the smartphone on November sixteenth, they will have to wait for at least a week to get their hands on the new smartphone, for the OnePlus 5T Smartphone will go on sale on November twenty first and will be available in OnePlus stores and at counters in partner stores all across North America and Canada.

At the press conference, the company did announce that shipping of this new model of smartphones will begin on the twenty first of November itself; however, buyers in India will not find it available before the twenty-eighth of November, when it officially goes on sale for the subcontinent. In China, sale will be delayed to December first, in spite of early shipping.

The company officials of OnePlus have been pretty tight lipped about the features that the OnePlus 5T Smartphone will sport, other than an additional headphone jack, simply stating, “We can’t wait to tell you all about the new features and improvements that we have been working on” at the launch event in Brooklyn. However, the headphone jack alone might be an attraction and draw in a lot of buyers, even though the company has not given any details on the price of it. In a YouTube video, which was released prior to the launch event, OnePlus displayed the tagline, “a new view” with added on to the already prevalent rumour of the OnePlus 5T smartphone having a different and better display. This rumour was again fuelled by Evan Blass, who is known for his habit of leaking information about upcoming gadgets, when he posed a picture of the OnePlus 5T Smartphone on twitter. If the photograph is authentic then it seems that this new launch does have a better display with very thin side, putting it right in the middle of OnePlus’s immediate rivals Samsung and Apple. But still, fans will just have to wait, for one more week!