How about staying in a luxurious hotel room and floating in the sky at the same time? Well that’s an incredible feel and Singapore Airlines, has just made that imagination happen into reality with its first ever Plush Hotel room up in the sky. It unfolds world’s most luxurious first class presents for the Airbus A380, at an investment of $850 million as it attempts in retaining premium customers in this tough competition from its rivals within the industry.

These capacious suites on the Airlines A380 will rival those of Emirates, Etihad Airways, and rivals from Middle Eastern in order to crown for the world’s top class first class, But only exception from them is Singapore Airlines has chosen in not installing any shower facility.

The new A380 Airbuses will be having six first class seats, compared with that of 12 on the old ones.

Singapore Airlines will be entering the service in December with its five new A380 airbuses for the first time for now, and the retrofit work will also be taking place already existing 14 aircrafts, according to a statement.

On Thursday, Goh Choon Phong, the CEO, in a media briefing said for the unleashing the product, ‘’we are confident the result will genuinely wow our customers”.

Some carriers that include Qantas Airways and United Airlines haven’t installed first class on their new crafts, which gave rise to a high demand for the business class that often has fully flat-beds now. It once exclusive availed in the first class only.

But for the rest of the airline the first class only stays no more than a showpiece in attracting elite passengers and for larger brand marketing.

Surprising after a fourth quarter-loss, Singapore Airlines sets up a dedicated transformation office for reviewing its strategy in May. Though it yet released any cost-cutting target. The carrier intends in cutting fuel cost, invest in digital technology under a three year transformation plant, and review its supplier relationships, for boosting its competitiveness.

Singapore Airlines has also started off with deploying low-cost Scoot carrier on routes of long-haul, having lower premium demand that includes Honolulu and Athens.