First time ever in history Saudi Arabia takes a revolutionary step. It allowed women to step inside sports stadium. It is for the first time women were allowed to participate in the celebration of kingdom’s founding in the stadium of Riyadh this September.

This shows that Saudi Arabia is taking initiatives towards easing restrictions on the women spectator inside sports stadiums.

On an issued statement on Sunday by the General Sport Authority, the governing body for sports; this stating year of 2018, women, will be permitted to three arenas in the major cities.

The Statement also said; that the earlier male-only venues of the King Abdullah Sport City in Jeddah, King of Fahd Stadium in Riyadh, Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd in Dammam, will start preparations for accommodating families. Though for now specific sitting arrangements aren’t clear; Saudi women and men are customarily separated in places where both are allowed.

This initiative in change is in giving women more freedom followed by a historic decree in September by allowing them to drive.

Despite the country having various stadiums of different size, yet the Government seem to have chosen the big and the most important stadiums. The stadiums are a home to six teams in the Professional League of Saudi-the top division- and two among the three stadiums included have the highest capacity of seating facility in the kingdom.

This conservative kingdom possesses some of the strictly interpreted restrictions of the Sunni Muslim, but those are now starting to change.

This great leap towards stepping into stadiums is the latest ambitious reforms of the 32 year old, Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman.

The plan for the economic reinvention of the country resides on a number of pillars that includes social organization, empowerment within youth, and women’s empowerment. The kingdom now wants to expand the participation of women within the labour market of Saudi and also many other aspects of the life.

This September it’s also the first time that women were granted to enter the King Fahd Stadium for an 87th anniversary celebration. They were made seated in particular section for families.