The online retail giant, Amazon is looking forward to take a leap in the wholesale business of pharmaceuticals in Maine and for minimum a dozen numbers of states is in the move to take waves in the field of medical and pharmacy industries.

This online giant in retailing has submitted three application letters to the Maine Board of Pharmacy in order to be licensed within the state as a “pharmaceuticals wholesaler”. Meanwhile in atleast 12 states that also includes neighbouring state New Hampshire, Amazon already received wholesale pharmacy licenses, whilst Maine licenses still in pending mode

If this retail giant is granted for the licenses, it yet unclear about their plans of what will be Amazon com. doing with the license of wholesaler in Maine. On Friday, The Department of Maine’s Professional and Foreign Regulations that houses the Maine Board of pharmacy did not respond to any request for a copy of the applications given. However, few national observers proposed that more recent interest of Amazon is more focused in the sphere of medical devices rather than in selling prescription drugs to customers.

On Friday a spokesperson of Amazon rejected to comment anything on “rumours and speculations”, but did point in a statement that “wholesale licenses are required for Amazon Business to sell professional-use only medical devices in certain states.” Whereas, Amazon Business already offers “professional-only” items– likedental tools and medical products- as a licensed professional in few states. Maine doesn’t belong to those more than 40 states now, where the Business of Amazon bears license to sell products that are only professional.

Integration of a report in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that was the first to report on Amazon about the active entrance in to the industry of wholesale pharmacy, stated that the company showed an interest in distributing medical devices on some of the state applications, and also in distributing pharmaceuticals devices, and supplies on few of the rest.

Though, comparatively minimum population-wise, Maine frames as the oldest state in the nation and so its rural habitat could catch an attention to Amazon, should it be deciding in entering the market of a prescription drug.