A lot of customers of McDonald lovers were disappointed when it put an end to its dollar menu back in 2014. After a long time now, McDonalds is offering a value-priced substitution the coming year.

On Tuesday McDonalds announced that it will be coming with a new line up of $3, $2, and $1 items in 2018 on a value menu, as reported by Bloomberg.

USA President of McDonalds, Chris Kempczinski stated; “We weren’t as competitive as we needed to be on value”.

As per fox Business, in a call with an analyst, the Chief Executive of McDonald, Steve Easterbrook said; “We know that customers motivated primarily by value and deals come more often and spend more.”

It was since stopping the dollar menu, McDonalds has been struggling to attract customers with budget conscious menu and now finally it will roll out new menu of valued price in 2018.

Under the title “McD Truth”, an account that’s run by an insider of McDonald, tweeted; “This perhaps is the biggest $MCD news in yrs & has been in development for a very long time”.

McD Truth kept on saying that the new replaced dollar menu “has the potential to be bigger than” the all day breakfast item. This creative innovation has helped in impressive turnaround of the chain in US for the past two years.

The dollar menu was cut off from the McDonald’s menu after it reportedly faced a poor return to the company’s profit. Later the chain attempted in gaining its value-minded customers by launching the deal of “Mc Pick 2”, which allowed people to select two menu items for $5. This promotion ended too, but reports from Brand Eating says that it may return for a limited time period participating at locations of McDonald.

As per reports by the Money Magazine, it said that the old dollar menu in the restaurants wasn’t as popular with the owners of the franchise, who said that it had an effect on the profit margins. The current new menu seems to be medium happy.