SHARE was a world famous forum for gamers and developers. To hang out. It attracted players from across all platforms and like any other gaming forum, it was like a mixed bag of candies when it came to the audience. Some loved it for the news and interaction with other players while others detested it due to its cancerous atmosphere. The developers from across the world too to this community for feedback on their games.  All in all, it was a fun place to until recently.

If you enter the URL a warning will show instead of the actual website. The message on the page reads “503 Service Unavailable”. The site has been brought down after the owner of the forum, Tyler Malka was accused of sexually assaulting one of her friends. The case was unveiled in a Facebook post by the victim. In the post, she narrates the night the incident took place. Both she and Malka were having a party in her hotel room, and after sometime when she got sick, he suggested her to take a bath and insisted on joining in the shower. She stated that not only did she had interest in him but she also had a boyfriend at that time. In no way did she meant anything of that sorts, and when refused Malka became hostile towards her.

The case is still in the early stages of hearing, but right after this was unveiled, the website was shut down and the members of NeoGaf stated that they are taking a stand against Malka. Unfortunately, this is not Malka’s first case sexual harassment. Looking back over the years, the owner has had a long history sexual harassment and assaults. The verdict on this case is yet to be delivered and things are looking well for Malka.

Meanwhile, a majority of the moderators have resigned from the website and the community as a whole has taken to criticize this incident very sternly. Comments and opinions are thrown around the internet condemning people who commit such atrocities, while allegations on Malka are yet to be confirmed.