If you are suffering from depression then Magic Mushrooms are here for your rescue. A recent study had found that mushrooms can actually reset a depressed brain. Mushrooms have a hallucinogen present in them which can reduce the depression. This hallucinogen works as a reset on people with untreatable depression and an increase of curing them in the future.

The study was conducted on 19 patients who were given doses of psychedelic ingredient psilocybin. Almost half of the patients showed signs of reduced depression. The tests were conducted for about five weeks and patients experienced significant changes in brain activity and functions. However, researchers said that mushrooms should only be consumed after consulting a doctor. Self-medication should be avoided. The reason why mushrooms have been attributed to reduced depression is due to psilocybin present in them. Psilocybin is an ingredient that plays a role in reducing depression. It acts as a lubricant for the brain and helping people to fight away serious depressive signs. The exact impact of psilocybin on the human brain is still under observation.

The team of researchers first did brain scans before getting them on a mushroom diet. During the treatment, they closely monitored psilocybin effect on the brain through scans. They also did brain scans after the patients became sober again. The results showed that psilocybin affects two key areas of the brain. The first and majorly the amygdala was affected while the second region was a network of different brain regions. The amygdala is a region of the human brain that controls emotions such as fear and anxiety. The region is a primary contributor to depression. Psilocybin reduced the actions of amygdala leading to improvement in depression symptoms.

The study is still in its initial phase and was conducted on a small group of people. Researchers said that larger studies are needed before psilocybin could be labeled as an anti-depressant medication.