Recently President Donald Trump has said that the health care policy of the New Republican should be allowing the current law to collapse.

To the reporters of Obamacare Trump said; “I am not going to own it. I can tell you the Republicans are not going to own it”.

On Monday the support bill for the Senate of Republican fell apart when two extra senators said they could not back it. Chuck Schumer, the Senate Democratic leader stated that Mr. Trump was playing around a dangerous game with the healthcare system of the US.

On Tuesday, Mr. Schumer further said; “He is actively, actively trying to undermine the healthcare system in this country using millions of Americans as political pawns in a cynical game”.

Mitch McConnel, the senate leader of the Republican said that the chamber would be voting early by next week on a motion to only repeal Obamacare. But with minimum of three Republicans against plan B it is almost doomed.

President Trump is hesitant to some Obamacare subsidies. This shift could actually be forcing the Government to hand out almost $200 billion extra on the health insurance for the next decade.

More than out of eight among ten individuals who buy Obamacare plan get a help in paying their premiums from the federal Government directly. Those subsidies cap effectively of how much people will have to pay for the insurance as a percentage out of their earnings.

Even if the premium rises, individuals who get those benefits won’t be paying any extra money out of their own pockets. The subsidies that are available to people are as much equal to four times that of the federal level of poverty, or just for a four members family it’s over $97,000.

It all sums up to a bulk amount for the tax payers, as long as the Affordable Care Act hold the law of the land. An estimate by the Congressional Budget Office is that the ending the payments of the cost-sharing it would raise the shortfall of the U.S. fiscal by $194 billion as a subsidy outlays jump, over the next decades.