Target is leaping onto voice-activated shopping by deepening its relation with Google, and offering over thousands of items that are found in the store except any biodegradable items like; fruit and milk.

This shift is occurring as Google says shopping will be made available later this year through the Google Assistant on Androids and iPhones, joining its Android TV and Google Home Device. So now shoppers can do shopping at any time while they are just walking or chilling anywhere around.

Among others, Target Corp. joins Home Depot and Walmart in partnership with Google on voice-shopping as they urge to compete against the dominance of Amazon that it started with its Echo devices. In late 2014 Amazon started with the offer of Echo voice assistants, whilst earlier this year Google made its debut with the Google Home device.

Nationwide Target is also expanding its program on Google Express offering faster delivery from a test program in the City of New York and California. Shoppers will have hands on their purchased items within two days of purchase, as the items will be shipped to the nearby Target store for free of cost provide that the purchase is over $35 or minimum of $35. From next year the shoppers will be able to pick up their online made purchased items on Target stores that will b made ready by two hours as a part of the program of Google Express. They can also use their loyalty card of Target as an option for shoppers of Google Express. It will also offer them the benefit of 5% discount off most the purchasing done.

Unlike many other retailers, Target is coming up with many shopping options. For example; this last summer, the discounter of Minneapolis started expanding its essentials next-day delivery services, which it was testing to the Chicago, Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Washington D.C./Baltimore, and St. Louis areas.

Chief Information and Digital Officer of Target, Mike McNamara said; “We have lots of different choices of how they buy from us”. And he also believes that this voice-shopping will be of more widespread in the upcoming years.