You have seen drones flying to capture the beauty of anything from above and things look from above. But lately you can definitely shoot films with such drones, but that doesn’t mean the cameras of the drone are ideally made for shooting a whole movie.  It is because they hardly have the image quality and resolution clarity that can compete with those high-end qualities of pro lenses that you see on the ground. But here’s a shift now as DJI is trying to fix that gap; it’s establishing the Zenmuse X7, that’s billed with the Super 35 Digital Camera first time ever for tuning pro type drone cinematography.  The largest sensor in it enables you to shoot RAW video at 6K in the CinemaDNG format. It has promising crisp, dynamic range of 14 stops, editing ready video along with sufficient amount of detail in low light. And unlike any quality-movie grade camera, the glass plays an eminent role.

The X7 has relied on a dedicated mount system that’s built for carrying prime quality lenses. You have options to choose 16mm, 35mm, 24mm, and 50mm lenses. All of the lenses have a maximum aperture of f/2.8. Regardless of the lenses that are in use, you can get a shallow, movie-like depth o field for shots that are closer. The 16mm lens consists filter ND4, while the rest lenses tout automatic shutters.

The software in it plays as much role as the optics themselves. To offer more pliability in the editing booth, it also offers a Cinema Colour System. Further, there’s a new mode that offers behavior just like movie cameras for helping to preserve any info.

Now after this it is no wonder that this X7 drone for shooting films won’t come any cheap. The base price of the Zenmuse X7 itself costs $2,699, while for the 50mm lens costs $1,299 for every other lens save. But a complete collector fan would probably want to buy the complete 4 lens bundle costing $4,299. Surely you do have to wait a long for starting up with your opus of aerial magnum, as the lens along with X7 starts to ship in early of November.