Starting from today to Thursday, that’s October 12, South-West will be selling you one-way tickets for as less as $49. As a result of this travellers can now afford a round trip tickets for below $100.

For the shorter non-stop domestic routes of the airlines like; Baltimore to Detroit the airline tickets are $49, and for longer domestic routes it might cost as much as $79 to $15 one-way.

The featured destinations in the fare sale include; Boston, Massachusetts, Atlanta, Georgia; Dallas, Austin, Texas,; Baltimore, Texas; Baltimore, Maryland; Chicago, Illinois; New York, New York, and many other.

Tickets that are purchased for the domestic flights are non-refundable, which are part of fare sale and it covers travel of this year from October 31 till December 19, and from Jan-3 to February 14 of the next year that’s 2018. Integration to this all Sunday and Friday flights are not included in the sale.

South-West Airlines is the widest low-cost carrier across the world with a fleet of over 700 Boeing airliners of 737. The Texas-based airline, Dallas is known to be offering massive fare sales for quite a large number of times every year. This year, South-West inaugurated its service with the use of its all new 737 Boeing MAX 8 airliners.

International Destinations like; Punta Cana, Dominican Republic; Havana, Cuba; and Mexico, Cancun are also available, but at higher cost. Whatsoever, for international travels the tickets are available at slightly variant time frames.

So it’s your time for all the piled up travels as South-west now comes with a 72 hour sale, twice in a year.Hurry as seats are limited and the offer end this Thursday night, that’s Oct-12 around 11:59 p.m. You sure don’t want to miss the opportunity those who are travel freaks. The sale includes in the U.S. travel list. The new International routes of the Airlines but they are only offered in the list of Tuesday and Wednesday flights. For a complete list of schedule follow this link.